Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Im pretty sure Im not the only one that having a hard time finding the right mascara; Im never a fan of mascara.. I guess its not that I don't care or don't like it; is more of I having found the right one that work for me. I barely have any eyelashes; when i started wearing false eyelashes, thats when I notice my eyes makeup change dramatically! Even after when im done with my eyes makeup... i just HAVE TO apply false lashes or else the look doesn't look complete cause my eyelashes is just to short & no volume what so ever! Yes, i have try different type of mascara but none of the mascara that i had try WOW me!

But everything change since I just recently found a new mascara & im ABSOLUtELY in love with this new mascara! Its By ESTEE LAUDER (DOUBLE WEAR; zero-smudge lengthening mascara. As soon i applied the first coat on I was like omg what just happen lolz! my eyelashes look fuller & longer; even though i know its doesn't give me volume but my eyelashes look fuller as well! What also amaze me that I can actually apply this mascara on my bottom lashes lolz.. trust me I had such a hard time applying mascara on my bottom lashes because I barely have any bottom lashes haha! Most of the mascara I try the wand does not fit for my bottom lashes so i REFUSE to apply any mascara for my bottom lashes!

Now i can said I had found the right mascara that work for me; I love the formula of this mascara. I love the wand & how its so easy to apply on.


(wearing nothing on my eyes; no eyeliner or anything)
(all i have on was 2 coats of ESTEE LAUDER mascara; I did not apply any eyeliner what so ever)
*as you can see what a bigger different my eyelashes look now; Im just so amaze.. I don't think i ever found any mascara that work for me especially for my bottom lashes as well

ESTEE LAUDER: DOUBLE WEAR (zero smudge lengthening mascara) $21
15-hour staying power. Lashes that last. Zero smudge. Now the smudge-free lash look you see in the morning is the look you keep all day. Engineered with breakthrough Smudge-Shield™ Technology to resist high temperatures and high humidity, without smudging, flaking or wearing away throughout your active day. Lash-Xtender™ Brush elongates, separates and surrounds each lash in glossy, intensified color. Innovative polymers lock in the mascara to keep it on lashes all day. Warm water and cleanser unlock it and remove every trace. (Eye makeup remover works too.) Experience the unstoppable power of Double Wear Mascara (info. by

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  1. WOW! That mascara really made you lashes stand out!I'm so gonna have to try this! I'm happy you found a mascara that works!!